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Most CitroŽns built after 01 Jan. 1980 have a 4-digit number stamped in ink somewhere on the body. From this, the so-called "ORGA" or "RP" number, one can calculate the day of production of that vehicle.

Apparently, CitroŽn first introduced this number on 08 Nov. 1976, since that is the day that corresponds to the ORGA number 0001. Starting from that date, this number was incremented by 1 every day, whether the factory was operational on that day or not.

To calculate the day of production easier, I have included an ORGA-number to production date converter at the bottom of this page.

Where to find the ORGA number on your car ?

2CV and Dyane - On top of the bulkhead, right hand side.

BX - It is printed in blue (?) ink on the A-post (in front of the front door) on the driver's side just below the upper hinge, next to the sticker that specifies the tyre pressures.

CX - On the front of the left hand side suspension turret, usually hidden by wiring.

GSA - On the right inner front wing (?).

Xantia - On the bulkhead just in front of the right -front- suspension sphere (quasi below the front window). At that position one finds the color-code (a letter code) and, in smaller characters above that, the ORGA number.

XM - It is printed in white ink on the A-post (in front of the front door) on the driver's side.

Information on where to find the ORGA number on other CitroŽn models is not yet available.

ORGA number to production date converter

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